Fudamentals of Illustrator CS5 - FREE HD Video Training


Fundamentals of Illustrator CS5

11 Chapters - 50 Lessons
Penny LaLiberte Adobe Certified Instructor

Adobe Instructor: Penny LaLiberte

Penny has been an Adobe Certified Instructor for eight years, primarily working with for Sterling Ledet & Associates (Atlanta, GA) and independently. She has been working in website development for over 12 years and brings a unique combination of experience and practical knowledge into the class. Penny specializes in Dreamweaver, CSS, Fireworks, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Captivate, and more.

FOI Series Description:

Illustrator is a vital tool for anyone who wishes to produce high-quality, useable artwork for a variety of mediums. Illustrator produces 100% vector artwork allowing for unlimited scalability. Over the 50 videos in this series, you will become very familiar with the most used tools, effects and options available to us when creating our artwork in Adobe Illustrator CS5. Even though this is a beginners course, we advise you watch these videos anyway... you never know you may learn. Be sure to download the artwork files on each video page to follow along with the lessons. Examine the artwork included to find creative ways to achieve some really cool, complex styles! To start your training, simply click on the "Introduction" video title below in the Video Selector. Enjoy!! :D